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Eye Catching Ad of 2016

This past year, we witnessed some ads that captured the attention of everyone, whether they were interested in the product or not. A clear example of this was the Volvo ad that featured Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the splits with his feet separated onto two Volvo trucks to demonstrate the smooth driving capabilities of the trucks. It wasn’t a product that was going to interest everyone, but the ad itself got everyone talking about Volvo and the video itself has millions upon millions of views now.

Of course, there was the CGI parodied video that featured Chuck Norris doing the splits on two airplanes, his feet being separated on the wings themselves. That wasn’t all, though, as Norris had 11 men standing on top of him in the form of a Christmas tree to wish everybody a happy holidays and that video has received a massive amount of views too. The idea and the results are different, though, as the CGI video was developed by Delov Digital, a Hungarian animation firm.

It’s been said many times that the way to succeed in a marketing world is to catch the attention of the users and cause discussion amongst the masses that will in turn become word of mouth for any company. That is exactly what Volvo did with their ad because it focused on their product, but it also took an icon in the world of acting and martial arts and placed him in a position to do a true stunt that added significance to the message of the advertisement. The focus of the ad was to place trust in the capabilities of the truck to provide a smooth ride and what better way to demonstrate that to put someone in danger should anything go wrong?

It added the importance that Volvo wanted to deliver to their customers, but it also got everybody else talking about their company. You’ll hear it plenty of times, people mustering the phrase “Have you seen that new Volvo commercial with Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the splits?” That right there is what getting in front of the public is all about.


Holding Events to Boost Recognition

When it comes to building recognition with your business, what kind of tactics do you plan on running to get people to take a look at your company?

One tactic that seems to work is holding events similar to the niche that a company is in to give people something to do, but also for them to learn more about your business and what’s provided. It is just a way to get a gathering of interested individuals together to learn more about the industry you are in and how you can benefit them.

For example, a Mission Hills, California based tattoo shop — The Experience Ink — runs regular events when they invite local artists to not tattoo, but display their art pieces in an art gallery. These events bring in plenty of new people who have an interest in art and some of the pieces are done by the actual tattoo artists to display their skills as well. It’s just a tactic in order to get some to see the stellar work that is done and push them towards getting a work of art tattooed on their bodies.

For any company, holding events that feature ideas or any other display of items in a similar niche will bring in a lot of interest. Electronics, video gaming, advertising as well; these are all industries that can benefit from events that bring many people together. It incites talk and essentially puts brand recognition in the mind of the visitors.

There are always plenty of tactics to get new customers interested in your business, but often times it takes people seeing the work in action in order to garner interest. Such is the case with relevant events that will bring together like-minded individuals, interest in a similar product and of course, you, the supplier of the product that these individuals are enjoying.

As a business, take any opportunity to give potential customers a reason to enter your business.

Image by J Deamer on Flickr

Honest Advertising?

What if brands’ advertising slogans were designed to be completely honest? What would some of them really say?

Over at Honest Slogans, they give a bit of a look at what some companies would have as their honest slogans if they were to go with what customers actually feel or think when it comes to their brands. They are actually brutally honest in some cases (as in the picture above), but they are accurate to a point and would probably dictate what others feel about the products. Here are a few more images:

What would your brands’ honest slogan be? Keep that in mind when you run your advertising campaign.

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Bring Everything to Life in Your Ad

Part of building an ad campaign is the decision on how it will capture attention. It has to focus on capturing the audience; capturing that moment that will convert them more than any word of mouth can do. It’s the ad campaign’s heart that will capture the audience and encapsulate them to the point that they need to know more — need to do more.

A perfect example of capturing the audience and forcing them into the ad is what was done for the new movie Carrie; a prank inside a coffee shop. For those that know, the horror movie Carrie (this one being a remake) is about a teen girl that discovers she has telekinetic powers and things go a little hectic at her high school prom.

Well in the video, a prank is played on strangers in a coffee shop complete with a stuntman being forced up a fake wall by ‘telekinetic’ powers (don’t worry, it’s just a harness). The woman than continues to force tables and chairs out of her way and books and pictures off the wall. All of those items were designed to do such things.

Of course, the patrons of the coffee shop that were not actors were frightened by the unbelievable scene in front of them.

That’s bringing the ad to life and capturing attention in any way you can. Of course, add in the social media aspect at the end of the video which encourages you to use the hashtag #FlexLikeCarrie in posts to promote the movie.

What are you going to do to draw focus to your ads?

Image by allaboutgeorge on Flickr

Engaging Advertisements Capture Attention

When it comes to advertising, having an ad campaign that visually captures the focus of an audience are always successful. They’re engaging, interactive and compel the thought process of the entire audience to get them checking out the brand. A successful ad could be very simple and if done correctly, will have a significant positive effect on how well your brand does.

Such was the instance when 3M decided to place money ($3 million with only $500 real currency) inside their security glass at a bus stop. The catch was people could keep the money if they could break the class using only their feet. No special tools or equipment were allowed as there was a security guard on site making sure that nobody cheated in order to get through the glass.

That kind of advertisement is designed to catch the eye of the audience, have them engage and interact and at the end of the day talk about the brand. It’s word of mouth in the highest form because it generates from a campaign that was simple, but VERY effective. To have individuals attempting to break a glass to get a reward and failing, thus showing the strength of the glass, shows the strength of the campaign itself.

Image by Cea. on Flickr

The One Advertising Tool that Can Help You Beat Shopping Cart Abandonment

A lot of online merchants struggle with shopping cart abandonment. A majority of people shopping online are fickle, undecided, or simply distracted, and because of this, most of them leave a website without completing a purchase.

Fortunately, the Internet marketing industry has come up with a clever way to beat shopping cart abandonment. Remarketing is a form of online advertising that specifically targets users that visited a online store without buying anything.

When a user visits your website and leaves without completing the checkout process, the remarketing technology will drop a cookie into that person’s browser. This will enable the system to remarket your products or services to that person even when they’re visiting other sites. So when that user is checking their mail or reading other blogs, they’ll see your ad (typically in the form of a display banner ad) and be reminded to return to your website.

Remarketing effectively converts window shoppers by reminding them to return to your website and complete a purchase. This type of advertising is particularly effective because it targets people that have already visited your site. This means that those users are probably already interested in what you have to offer and just need a little push to convince them to buy.

Display Banner Ads and Beyond

Remarketing ads usually appear as display banner ads, but recent developments now allow advertisers to go beyond display and use other formats such as email, search, video, mobile, and even apps. This is a big boon for marketers because it gives them a chance to reach users using various channels.

Since users are exposed to so much more than banner ads, this form of cross channel remarketing allows advertisers to touch base with customers even when they’re using their smartphone, playing games, or watching videos.

How to Successfully Implement Remarketing

You what they say about how having great power comes with great responsibility? Well, the same can also be said about remarketing. This form of advertising is definitely effective, but you need to be careful about remarketing being too effective.

Don’t overdo your remarketing ads. Often, ad networks will allow you to set a cap on the frequency of your ads. Use that cap, and limit the number of times that your ads will appear. If a user sees the same advertisement over and over again, they might think that they’re being followed. Avoid looking like a stalker and keep those remarking ads to a minimum.

And while it’s true that cross channel remarketing lets you advertise through several platforms, this doesn’t mean that you should utilize every single channel for your ads. The beauty of cross channel remarketing is that it’s like a buffet. You’re given a multitude of choices, but you’re not obligated to put everything on your plate.

The best way to implement cross channel remarketing is to get to know your audience. Do they use their smartphones a lot? What kinds of apps are they into? Would they appreciate video ads? Ask yourself these questions first before displaying your ads.

Once you’ve done your research and know what your customers are into, go ahead and remarket away.


Call To Action on Twitter

Trends come and trends go, but Twitter is a trend that has developed well enough to provide users, businesses and everybody in between to get their message across in many different ways. What businesses are capable of on Twitter has gone far and beyond what many thought would be possible when the website first began to reach its popularity, and now they have done everything right. What we plan on doing for you, is breaking down how Twitter can help you with a Call to Action that will get your brand recognition by giving you examples of tweets and other helpful tips.

First, we’ll break down a Call to Action. A Call to Action for any business is essentially letting your customers know what you want them to do. For instance, if you’re having a deal and want your customers to go to the page, the Call to Action will tell them about the deal, where to go and provide a link for them to go to.

Now, the advantage of Twitter is having the ability to utilize the features offered in order to get the Call to Action noticed and get potential clients and followers to complete that action. Twitter features some amazing options that users have in order to spread the word of your tweet, find your tweet through searches and even favorite your tweet to come back to it at a later time. As a business with a social media marketing campaign, it is your opportunity to test all that Twitter offers in terms of features in ways that you can get your Call to Action noticed and completed in relative ease.

Here is a breakdown of tweets that you shouldn’t send out and tweets that you should send out when utilizing a Call to Action.


“Check out all our new deals here and let your friends know all about it – (link)”

While that tweet provides a link and lets the users know what you want them to do, it is a bland tweet and doesn’t use what Twitter offers in order to get more recognition. When it comes to Twitter, the use of the hash tag (#) before words is what will highlight words to showcase things a little bit more of your tweet and catch the attention of users. Here is a tweet that can be sent out to utilize the great tools offered by Twitter and get your point across.


“Brand new #Deals! Save money on your next purchase and #RT for your friends to #SaveMoney – (link)”

You can even use the Twitter mentions (@) to send it to other specific users that you think would help spread the word and retweet your Call to Action to others. This will be the most effective way to get your point across. You can even offer incentives to users such as an entry to a sweepstake for a retweet to their friends in order to get them to check out the link and share it.

Relevance is the Key

In the world of marketing, relevance is one of the keys to success because you are reaching your target audience that is already showing an interest in a category similar to what you are offering. The best way to reach relevant interests is showing up on search, which in itself can provide a great deal of success to any marketing campaign. Having the ability to show up in searches, whether it’s the full site or just ads, can be very crucial to how much you can do with your future successes and ability to make the most out of your marketing campaign.

First, showing up in searches could be a big deal, but only if the content of your ad is relevant to what is being searched. For instance, if your ad is for a deal on electronics, but the search is about gardening tools, odds are the user will just skip over your ad without a second look because it is not what they are looking for. However, if you deal with electronics and the user is searching for tablets, your ad will be relevant to what the user is looking for, thus reaching your target audience through their search in order to make sure you get their full attention on the matter.

Relevance can make the world of difference when it comes to marketing because as any advertiser knows, ad space can cost a good amount of money and sometimes, it doesn’t always equal profit because it could be reaching the wrong audience. When your items show up only on content that is similar in category, it goes to interested parties and you’re not wasting money on users that won’t even take the second to look at your ad, let alone click through. Having the right relevant content to display your ad on is crucial to the success of your marketing campaign, especially when it comes to showing up on prominent search engines like Google.

When you can make sure your ads are relevant with the content, whether it be through search, mobile, video, on page, or any other channel, that is when you can push your campaign out to its maximum capability. If your ads are currently out there on any ad space, check to see analytics on where you get the majority of your hits from and determine if the site is relevant to what you are offering. Odds are this is the case and you will decide to stick with only relevant content to add your advertisements on.

Don’t let money go to waste by placing your ever-important ads where nobody would care to see them. Put the focus on the most prominent channels targeted at the right people and you’ll begin to see the big difference (and most likely an increase) in your revenue due to spending less and focusing your finances and ads on the right locations. Always remember that in marketing, relevance is the key.

Social Media Marketing Done Right

As far as marketing goes, there has been a new wave of success that has come from the utilization of social media networks in order to complete some of the best marketing campaigns. For some of the most successful social media marketing campaigns, the use of Facebook’s business pages and the analytics, ability to interact and plenty of other opportunities that the website gives its users has been the staples that drive ads and other displays. Here are a few things that any business can do to utilize social media sites such as Facebook in order to get the most out of a marketing campaign.

The first thing to remember when it comes to Facebook and getting the maximum capabilities of a social media marketing campaign is that the interaction opportunities on the website are going to be a huge positive for what you are trying to accomplish. Fans of your business — clients, customers, potential clients, etc. — have the unique opportunity to reach a company for support or other needs in a quick and easy fashion that they have not had before. You become available for them in order to answer questions, give support or even push out deals all on one page.

To expand more on the idea of pushing out deals through social media markets, this is the perfect opportunity to gain more exposure by putting out exclusive deals that your social media fans can take advantage of. Let’s use Facebook as the example again and use their ‘Share’ feature when it comes to spreading the word of deals and gaining more exposure. If you want to be able to get more individuals to share your page with others, here would be a good status that gives incentive and catches the eye of clients in a positive way:

“Hey everybody! Want to get 40% off the hottest items? If we can get 100 likes in the next hour, we will open a sale and put some of our most popular items on sale for our wonderful Facebook fans. So share this status, share our page and save money!”

With that status, you’re giving the incentive of a deal by having fans that already like your page sharing with their friends. Word of mouth — or in this case keyboard — is one of the more powerful ways to market a company and depending on the amount of fans you have, the chance to increase your page ‘Likes’ becomes that much more important. Why stick with 5 customers when they can each tell their friends and you end up with 25 customers?

Utilizing social media is easy once you get the hang of it and understand what it is your target audience wants. If you offer them something, odds are they are going to share your brand, share your statuses and keep others talking about you as well. Get on it and get your social media marketing campaign rolling.

The Latest Ad Trends, Tips, and Tricks

As the years progress, our way of life follows suit. One of the greatest facts of the human evolvement is that we progress in our technology. If anything, we’ve got that to show for our existence. Ads are no different! The world of advertisement is becoming more and more digital with each passing year. If you’re like most upcoming ad gurus, you want to know what works fast and what works now. You don’t want to fall behind. Your first campaign sets the tone for your company, so you should make it a beautiful one. Here are some of the current advertising trends.

  1. The World Wide Web – Ah, the glorious universe that is the internet. Such a magical and majestic place. Currently, you’ll find 2,405,518,376 internet users worldwide. If you can reach even a fraction of these people – I’d say you’re doing a darn good job. Let’s get a little deeper, shall we?

-          YouTube: Placing an ad on YouTube is probably one of the smartest moves that your company can make. 100 hours worth of YouTube content is uploaded every day, so that’s a lot of viewership. Placing your ad with the right demographic will increase awareness in your campaign.

-          Interactive Banner Ads: Nowadays, companies are featuring compelling stories and exciting content in their banners. The objective is to make your banner the least annoying that it can be while getting your story and point across.

-          Mobile Marketing: This is perhaps one of the best and most current forms of advertisement. With mobile marketing you creative a great form of communication with your consumers.

-          Native Advertising: This method of advertisement helps to gain attention without interrupting the users online experiencing. Next to mobile marketing, this is the way to go!

  1. Television – The television is an age old form of advertisement. We’re talking about commercials, of course! Just as much as people use the internet – you can bet that they’re watching TV too. Now, buying ad space and filming a commercial may seem like an expensive route. That’s because it is. However, your outcome may be greater here. Commercials reach billions of TV watchers. Even though we now have the ability to fast forward through those pesky commercials we find that we stop to watch the entertaining ones. So, it’s very simple. Create something funny and entertaining. If your commercial is well-liked, you’ll see it on the internet. People will share your commercial on Facebook and other places simply because it was funny. All the while you are spreading awareness of your campaign. Think of it as a simple process, and build your campaign from there.

Ads are simple yet complex. The best of the best started from the bottom and failed. Failure should be looked at as encouragement and life experience. Just like any industry – it’s pretty “cut throat”. All scariness aside, implement your smallest idea and build it up as you go. You don’t want to start huge with nowhere to go, it won’t be so scary. Good luck!