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Eye Catching Ad of 2016

This past year, we witnessed some ads that captured the attention of everyone, whether they were interested in the product or not. A clear example of this was the Volvo ad that featured Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the splits with his feet separated onto two Volvo trucks to demonstrate the smooth driving capabilities of the trucks. It wasn’t a product that was going to interest everyone, but the ad itself got everyone talking about Volvo and the video itself has millions upon millions of views now.

Of course, there was the CGI parodied video that featured Chuck Norris doing the splits on two airplanes, his feet being separated on the wings themselves. That wasn’t all, though, as Norris had 11 men standing on top of him in the form of a Christmas tree to wish everybody a happy holidays and that video has received a massive amount of views too. The idea and the results are different, though, as the CGI video was developed by Delov Digital, a Hungarian animation firm.

It’s been said many times that the way to succeed in a marketing world is to catch the attention of the users and cause discussion amongst the masses that will in turn become word of mouth for any company. That is exactly what Volvo did with their ad because it focused on their product, but it also took an icon in the world of acting and martial arts and placed him in a position to do a true stunt that added significance to the message of the advertisement. The focus of the ad was to place trust in the capabilities of the truck to provide a smooth ride and what better way to demonstrate that to put someone in danger should anything go wrong?

It added the importance that Volvo wanted to deliver to their customers, but it also got everybody else talking about their company. You’ll hear it plenty of times, people mustering the phrase “Have you seen that new Volvo commercial with Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the splits?” That right there is what getting in front of the public is all about.