Videos Can Make a Huge Impact on Your Campaigns

All the huge statistics and wonderful claims about videos isn’t just fluff from video companies, you know. Research has indicated that videos are actually twice more likely to show up on Google’s coveted first page results compared to websites that are just in plain text.

What’s more, it is already a widely accepted fact that human beings are now more visual and so they’re attracted more to moving images compared to just text. Video also makes communication much easier and enables people to demonstrate and instruct viewers more effectively.

Research by data giant comScore actually supports this. Just last year, the company revealed that displaying company-produced videos along with videos submitted by users is actually an effective way to boost sales and engagement. The said study was implemented in conjunction with EXPO, an online video company for the purpose of examining and measuring how videos made by professionals and how videos created by regular users impact and complement each other.

In the said study, the researchers gathered some consumers and asked them to take part in an exercise that will help determine just how effective professional videos, user-produced videos, and both combined together.

Apparently, the researchers have discovered that “Professionally-produced content generated a 24.7 point lift in Share of Choice for the featured product and a 16 point lift for the brand’s total line. User-generated product videos drove an 18.7 point lift in Share of Choice for the featured product compared to a 10 point lift for the brand’s total line. When exposed to both professional content and user-generated product videos, lift in Share of Choice for the featured product jumped to 35.3 points for the featured product and 28 points for the brand’s total line. This demonstrates not only the value of each of these media individually, but also the powerful combination when used together.”

Not only that but comScore and EXPO also gathered a second group of consumers and asked them to participate in another exercise where after seeing the content, would need to voice out their thoughts and reactions. The results were as follows: While pro videos were successful when it comes to informing users, those created by mere users “were more successful at producing emotional intensity, key message communication, and ease of relating to.”

Moreover, according to the researchers, “When consumers were exposed to both professionally-produced and user-generated content, the combined increases were greater than for either of the individual media exposures.”

These findings just go to show that video is truly making an impact both in the intellectual and emotional sides of people. So whether you’re planning to market yourself as authoritative source or expert to get clients to trust you, or are intending make people laugh or maybe even pull on their heartstrings, video is certainly a great way to go.

Consider using this medium in your next advertising or marketing campaign and measure the impact that it has on your users and your brand.

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