Ad Blogs that add to your Knowledge

Advertising can be a tricky skill to grasp if you’re new to the scene. In fact, everyone finds it a bit frustrating at first. The trick to mastering this is practice, research, and practice again. For the most part, the process seems pretty harmless. If you’re looking for some blogs to research you should look at top tier blogs. After all, you want to take advice from a blogger who has a well-known blog. This means that they actually know what they’re talking about in terms of marketing and advertising. Here are some blogs to get you started:

  1. AgencySpy – the CIA of agencies. This websites does all of the company sleuthing for you. Get the latest updates on who is getting hired, who has currently lost a big account, and where layoffs are taking place. This is not a site for advice, but it gives a great insight to the inner workings of the industry before you get heavily invested. It covers things that others might have missed while giving you’re the truthful and well-deserved
  2. Copyranter – Lead by Mark Duffy, Copyranter is the go-to site for identifying viral content. The ads that are posted on this website are humorous. Though – this website displays mature content. Copyranter’s Mark Duffy now writes for Buzzfeed.  This ensures that the content you’re reading is, in fact, top quality content.
  3. AdFreak – Focuses on the new and creative. Adfreak is filled with “easy to get through” content as well as interesting videos.
  4. Adland – This blog has been around since 1996. So, it knows a thing or two. It posts some of the best ads of all time while showing you what works and what doesn’t in the world of advertisement.
  5. Media Decoder – This blog is spearheaded by The New York Times. This huge media blog gives extensive coverage of the advertisement and media business.
  6. AdExchanger – This is a specialist blog. John Ebbert and his team makes sense of the world of online advertising. They do this through short interviews. Needless to say, it’s very entertaining. The website reads like a newspaper (which sounds about right – given its founder). This, in turn, means that there is a great space for limitless content. If you’re doing research on the latest and greatest of the media – this website just might be your go-to site.
  7. What Happens In Media Planning – Super funny media planning GIFs!
  8. I Am The Client! – This blog is written by the marketing director under the pseudonym Dave Knockles. Dave brings us the honest truth of the industry that we’re in. It is hilarious and very truthful!
  9. Seth Gordon’s Blog – One of the best marketing advice ads columns on the web!

Advertising takes a team. Once you’ve gotten the hang of the essentials, it’s time to assemble your power team. Your team will need to cover any and all things that may come up along your journey to success. After all, you’re only as good as your team!


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