Case Study

LoanMart Auto Financing

LoanMart's campaign with TheAgency bosted conversion rates to about 125%.

The Objective

To increase the number of auto financing application submissions and to boost advertising ROI by getting better and more qualified leads.

A secondary objective was to keep Pay Per Click costs low, as auto financing keywords are among the most competitive ones in the market.

TheAgency Solution

TheAgency implemented competitive entry level CPCs starting at $0.05 to avoid inflating advertiser budgets. We also turned on geo-targeting for the campaigns in order to deliver relevant ads to users based on their location.

We then implemented our Remarketing technology to bring back users who have expressed their interest in auto financing but left the site without filling out the form. Take note that our Remarketing feature was deployed across multiple channels, including display, mobile, email, social, and more to maximize reach and exposure.

Finally, we assigned an account executive to constantly monitor the campaigns. The account rep actively tracked conversions, utilized quality control features, and filtered traffic to assure the quality and validity of the leads.

The Results

TheAgency's auto financing clients saw an increase in keyword volume, overall click-thru rates, organic lead submissions and traffic for subprime websites in the network. Thanks to Remarketing, they also managed to boost conversion rates to about 125%. To top it all off, our clients were able to maximize their budget by reducing click costs.