Case Study

National University

A partnership with TheAgency helps a top educational institution double their keyword volume and traffic all while reducing costs at the same time.

The Objective

Enterprise aimed to increase overall sales and become the go-to choice for customers who need car rental services.

TheAgency Solution

TheAgency conducted an in-depth market study on Enterprise's target customers. We analyzed numerous data pints, including areas of interests, recent purchases, income bracket, age, gender, and other demographic and psychographic information.

We then launched a localized campaign that made use of a combination of display, email, and local search coupon offerings. This campaign was deployed across several verticals under various categories, including Shopping, Finance, Portal Sites, Automotive, Men's Interest, Women's Interest, and many others.

Additionally, we implemented our Remarketing technology to bring back users who have expressed interest without converting.

Finally, we continuously monitored the campaign and optimized several factors in real-time for maximum results. Such factors include frequency, time of day, creative, day parting, ad size, site blocking, CTR, conversion, impressions, and more.

The Results

The campaign generated 5,000,000 impressions and 15,000 clicks. This resulted in an initial lead count of 624. When Retargeting kicked in, 318 additional leads were brought in, thus totaling to 942 conversions. Enterprise saw a 6.28% ROI.