Programmatic Trading Desk & DSP solution

Full service campaign managment


One simple window to connect with the entire digital advertising universe.

The Trading Desk & DSP solution is designed to help digital marketers and agencies manage social, search, and display ad campaigns with greater efficiency.

Our Approach

  • Our team will establish campaign strategy and media plan based on your goals
  • Access over 120,000 audience segments from 20+ data providers for improved campaign targeting and ROI
  • Install one tracking pixel to track performance of campaigns from all advertising platforms
  • Dedicated Campaign Managers will launch, manage, and optimize campaign to meet goals
  • Upload campaign performance data via API from all advertising platforms into the dashboard
  • Find responsive audience segments via a series of experiments with A/B testing of segments, creatives, channels, and media formats to spend budgets efficiently
  • Leverage reporting and analytics to improve strategy

We integrate with all major advertising platforms:


  • 10+ Ad buying/ Bidders
    The Agency bidder, Double click, Facebook, Twitter.
  • 20+ Data Management Platforms
    MasterCard, Lotame, The Agency DMP, and many more.
  • 100+ Ad Networks
    DoubleClick, AppNexus, OpenX, AdSense, MoPub, Pubmatic, and many more.
  • 100,000+ Publishers
    Ex: Forbes, Washington Post, Mashable, etc.


  • 3rd party audience targeting data
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Contextual targeting
    (3rd party data and our own contextual targeting)

    Pier49 / The Agency / Double click
  • Viewability
    Double verify
  • Fraud detection
    Double click fraud detection
    The Agency fraud detection
  • Proprietary technology based on our bidder DSP The Agency
    Contextual targeting
    Fraud detection

Detailed Statistics

Visualize your data.

Access to real-time campaign stats to monitor performance.

Make strategic campaign decisions based on numbers.

Daily Reports Email

See budget pacing for campaigns across multiple Ad platforms accounts, all in one report.

Visualize week-over-week, day-over-day, or month-over-month trends and changes easily.

See how each campaign is contributing toward budget and KPIs.

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White-Label For Agencies

Our white-label solution is an opportunity for agencies to own a customized solution, and share a platform with their clients without losing the look and feel of the agency's brand.

We collaborate with Ad agencies as a White-label technology partner. Our solution integrates with all platforms and tools to manage online Ads programmatically, and enable you to easily manage a large volume of campaigns.