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3 SEO trends small businesses have to know to get to the new level

It is important for small businesses to keep up and beat the competition to stay on top of search results. Although SEO has pretty stable base, that majority of the marketers know by now, there are several trends that will help your business to be ahead of your competitors.

1. For high app rankings you have to enable app indexing

This is specifically important for mobile app businesses. Enabling deep links in your app will help users to find your app if their search contents any words that you have in your internal content, as opposed just to the home page. It will also help you to re-engage your users with the app by appearing for the relevant search inquires and feature in results page if users have previously deleted the app.

2. Keep in mind voice search strategy

Each year voice search becomes more and more popular. According to Global Web Index Study one in a five people use voice search to find information they need. Therefore it is crucial to include voice search SEO strategy, where you have to put longer and more conversational key words for people to be able to find you. Moreover, you have to be sure that your website is optimized to be used on mobile devices and tablets.

3. The longer the content the higher it will be ranked on Google

Despite that majority of daily content that are posted online is below 1000 words, the truth is that the ideal word count for the pages to be on the top is more than 1000, to be more precise between 1100-12000 words pages have the highest rankings.
However, keep in mind, that longevity of the content is definitely not the only priority. It is crucial that content is relevant, and meet users expectations and hopes to be on top of SERPs.

How to turn your loyal customers into your best sales people?

These days creating and launching web site for e-commerce it’s not enough to launch a successful business. The competition is so intense, that your business will not survive being just ordinary. You have to put more and more effort in maintaining and promoting web site than ever before. It may seem easy to build a site these days, but at the same time it never been harder to attract and retain customers, build brand image and brand awareness and booth profits month over month. It’s not a secret the most important thing for online business is what your customers talking about you ONLINE. According to the Ambassador blog post last year: 88% of people trust online reviews written by other consumers as much as they trust recommendations from personal contacts. On social media, 58% of consumers share their positive experiences with a company, and ask family, colleagues, and friends for their opinions about brands. This is pretty compelling data to make you wondering what should you do to make people talk about your business, and share it in the social media. There are easy steps you can take to turn your happy customers to your sales people: 1. Give your customers option to share your content, and make it easy for them! If you want your content being shared, you have to make access for sharing as easy as possible. You can insert social media icons next to anything that can be shared. One of the recommended tools is Click to Tweet Also, do not forget to give your customers the way to leave feedback, comment and react on your products. It will be great if you could post few more detailed testimonials of your customers on the home page of your website, so it will build more trust with your potential customers. The great tool that can help you make this process more smooth is: YotPo The last but not the least, give your customers a chance to check out your social media by inserting icons linked to your social media accounts. 2. Customer’s purchase is not the end of your dialogue One more great way to encourage customers to talk about your products or services is follow up email. It can take different forms: order confirmation, email to get feedback of your customers’ experience or simply a thank you letter. It won’t take much time and effort for you to set up automatic message, but it will increase your chances of repeating business with your customer in the future. Also, do not forget to encourage to share their thoughts and excitement about the purchase online. You can even use some incentive such as discount for next purchase, or complimentary gift with the next purchase for sharing their experience. 3. Referral program Probably you have already heard and seen hundreds of examples of successful referral and ambassador programs among majority of the well known brands. And guess what? Lyft, Uber, Airbnb and other major brands use these programs because it really does work. People enjoy getting perks, discounts and cash back for sharing their honest opinion and giving honest recommendations to their friends and family. So do not be afraid to include this in your strategy as well. Here are some tools that you might find helpful: FriendBuy SweetTooth Talkable