Be Effective without Being Unobtrusive with Inline Text Ads

If there’s one pet peeve that web surfers have about online advertising that would be obtrusive ads. Those adverts that pop out of nowhere and make users browsing experience any less smooth than it should be is a sure-fire way to turn off potential customers. Sure these types of ads may get them to notice you, but it’s definitely not the kind of attention you want.

Fortunately though, there are a few ad formats you can try to effectively make an impression without annoying users. A good example of such ads are inline text ads.

Inline text ads appear as underlined keywords on the page. They’re subtle but not to a point where they’re hardly noticeable. These ads show up as underlined words and are only displayed when users hover over the keywords. For instance, if the relevant keyword on the page is “new iphone”, visitors will be able to see related articles and websites about the new iPhone when they mouse over the underlined word.

Relevance is key

There’s nothing worse than irrelevant ads. Consumers usually get annoyed when they see advertisements that aren’t related to their interests, publishers don’t earn any revenue off of them, and advertisers don’t get any conversions. Fortunately though, this problem doesn’t come with inline text advertisements.

Most inline text ads are pretty intelligent. They usually use special algorithms and targeting capabilities to ensure that the sponsored messages being displayed are relevant to the users viewing them. For instance, if users are reading an article about Maroon 5’s latest concert, the types of inline text ads that would appear would be ticket sales for Maroon 5 shows in their area.

As you can see, this type of advertising offers a win-win-win situation for all parties: users get to see ads for things that actually interest them, publishers earn revenue from valid clicks and impressions, and advertisers won’t blow their budget on low-quality or uninterested visitors.

Relevance is the main reason why inline text ads work so well. Since they serve up messages that are already related to what users are searching for, they get extra high click thru and conversion rates.


Inline text ads are probably the most unobtrusive, space-saving ads on the web. They work great for websites that have a lot content in them because they can be displayed without disrupting the flow of text on the page.

Unlike flashy graphics that can sometimes look tacky or out of place, inline text ads look classy and native to the page.

Additionally, their default setting is always “opt out” so users who don’t want to view ads can just browse in peace. And if they do hover over the keywords and see the ads, they can always hit the close button and continue reading.


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