Social Media Marketing Done Right

As far as marketing goes, there has been a new wave of success that has come from the utilization of social media networks in order to complete some of the best marketing campaigns. For some of the most successful social media marketing campaigns, the use of Facebook’s business pages and the analytics, ability to interact and plenty of other opportunities that the website gives its users has been the staples that drive ads and other displays. Here are a few things that any business can do to utilize social media sites such as Facebook in order to get the most out of a marketing campaign.

The first thing to remember when it comes to Facebook and getting the maximum capabilities of a social media marketing campaign is that the interaction opportunities on the website are going to be a huge positive for what you are trying to accomplish. Fans of your business — clients, customers, potential clients, etc. — have the unique opportunity to reach a company for support or other needs in a quick and easy fashion that they have not had before. You become available for them in order to answer questions, give support or even push out deals all on one page.

To expand more on the idea of pushing out deals through social media markets, this is the perfect opportunity to gain more exposure by putting out exclusive deals that your social media fans can take advantage of. Let’s use Facebook as the example again and use their ‘Share’ feature when it comes to spreading the word of deals and gaining more exposure. If you want to be able to get more individuals to share your page with others, here would be a good status that gives incentive and catches the eye of clients in a positive way:

“Hey everybody! Want to get 40% off the hottest items? If we can get 100 likes in the next hour, we will open a sale and put some of our most popular items on sale for our wonderful Facebook fans. So share this status, share our page and save money!”

With that status, you’re giving the incentive of a deal by having fans that already like your page sharing with their friends. Word of mouth — or in this case keyboard — is one of the more powerful ways to market a company and depending on the amount of fans you have, the chance to increase your page ‘Likes’ becomes that much more important. Why stick with 5 customers when they can each tell their friends and you end up with 25 customers?

Utilizing social media is easy once you get the hang of it and understand what it is your target audience wants. If you offer them something, odds are they are going to share your brand, share your statuses and keep others talking about you as well. Get on it and get your social media marketing campaign rolling.

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