Call To Action on Twitter

Trends come and trends go, but Twitter is a trend that has developed well enough to provide users, businesses and everybody in between to get their message across in many different ways. What businesses are capable of on Twitter has gone far and beyond what many thought would be possible when the website first began to reach its popularity, and now they have done everything right. What we plan on doing for you, is breaking down how Twitter can help you with a Call to Action that will get your brand recognition by giving you examples of tweets and other helpful tips.

First, we’ll break down a Call to Action. A Call to Action for any business is essentially letting your customers know what you want them to do. For instance, if you’re having a deal and want your customers to go to the page, the Call to Action will tell them about the deal, where to go and provide a link for them to go to.

Now, the advantage of Twitter is having the ability to utilize the features offered in order to get the Call to Action noticed and get potential clients and followers to complete that action. Twitter features some amazing options that users have in order to spread the word of your tweet, find your tweet through searches and even favorite your tweet to come back to it at a later time. As a business with a social media marketing campaign, it is your opportunity to test all that Twitter offers in terms of features in ways that you can get your Call to Action noticed and completed in relative ease.

Here is a breakdown of tweets that you shouldn’t send out and tweets that you should send out when utilizing a Call to Action.


“Check out all our new deals here and let your friends know all about it – (link)”

While that tweet provides a link and lets the users know what you want them to do, it is a bland tweet and doesn’t use what Twitter offers in order to get more recognition. When it comes to Twitter, the use of the hash tag (#) before words is what will highlight words to showcase things a little bit more of your tweet and catch the attention of users. Here is a tweet that can be sent out to utilize the great tools offered by Twitter and get your point across.


“Brand new #Deals! Save money on your next purchase and #RT for your friends to #SaveMoney – (link)”

You can even use the Twitter mentions (@) to send it to other specific users that you think would help spread the word and retweet your Call to Action to others. This will be the most effective way to get your point across. You can even offer incentives to users such as an entry to a sweepstake for a retweet to their friends in order to get them to check out the link and share it.

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