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Honest Advertising?

What if brands’ advertising slogans were designed to be completely honest? What would some of them really say?

Over at Honest Slogans, they give a bit of a look at what some companies would have as their honest slogans if they were to go with what customers actually feel or think when it comes to their brands. They are actually brutally honest in some cases (as in the picture above), but they are accurate to a point and would probably dictate what others feel about the products. Here are a few more images:

What would your brands’ honest slogan be? Keep that in mind when you run your advertising campaign.

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Bring Everything to Life in Your Ad

Part of building an ad campaign is the decision on how it will capture attention. It has to focus on capturing the audience; capturing that moment that will convert them more than any word of mouth can do. It’s the ad campaign’s heart that will capture the audience and encapsulate them to the point that they need to know more — need to do more.

A perfect example of capturing the audience and forcing them into the ad is what was done for the new movie Carrie; a prank inside a coffee shop. For those that know, the horror movie Carrie (this one being a remake) is about a teen girl that discovers she has telekinetic powers and things go a little hectic at her high school prom.

Well in the video, a prank is played on strangers in a coffee shop complete with a stuntman being forced up a fake wall by ‘telekinetic’ powers (don’t worry, it’s just a harness). The woman than continues to force tables and chairs out of her way and books and pictures off the wall. All of those items were designed to do such things.

Of course, the patrons of the coffee shop that were not actors were frightened by the unbelievable scene in front of them.

That’s bringing the ad to life and capturing attention in any way you can. Of course, add in the social media aspect at the end of the video which encourages you to use the hashtag #FlexLikeCarrie in posts to promote the movie.

What are you going to do to draw focus to your ads?

Image by allaboutgeorge on Flickr