The One Advertising Tool that Can Help You Beat Shopping Cart Abandonment

A lot of online merchants struggle with shopping cart abandonment. A majority of people shopping online are fickle, undecided, or simply distracted, and because of this, most of them leave a website without completing a purchase.

Fortunately, the Internet marketing industry has come up with a clever way to beat shopping cart abandonment. Remarketing is a form of online advertising that specifically targets users that visited a online store without buying anything.

When a user visits your website and leaves without completing the checkout process, the remarketing technology will drop a cookie into that person’s browser. This will enable the system to remarket your products or services to that person even when they’re visiting other sites. So when that user is checking their mail or reading other blogs, they’ll see your ad (typically in the form of a display banner ad) and be reminded to return to your website.

Remarketing effectively converts window shoppers by reminding them to return to your website and complete a purchase. This type of advertising is particularly effective because it targets people that have already visited your site. This means that those users are probably already interested in what you have to offer and just need a little push to convince them to buy.

Display Banner Ads and Beyond

Remarketing ads usually appear as display banner ads, but recent developments now allow advertisers to go beyond display and use other formats such as email, search, video, mobile, and even apps. This is a big boon for marketers because it gives them a chance to reach users using various channels.

Since users are exposed to so much more than banner ads, this form of cross channel remarketing allows advertisers to touch base with customers even when they’re using their smartphone, playing games, or watching videos.

How to Successfully Implement Remarketing

You what they say about how having great power comes with great responsibility? Well, the same can also be said about remarketing. This form of advertising is definitely effective, but you need to be careful about remarketing being too effective.

Don’t overdo your remarketing ads. Often, ad networks will allow you to set a cap on the frequency of your ads. Use that cap, and limit the number of times that your ads will appear. If a user sees the same advertisement over and over again, they might think that they’re being followed. Avoid looking like a stalker and keep those remarking ads to a minimum.

And while it’s true that cross channel remarketing lets you advertise through several platforms, this doesn’t mean that you should utilize every single channel for your ads. The beauty of cross channel remarketing is that it’s like a buffet. You’re given a multitude of choices, but you’re not obligated to put everything on your plate.

The best way to implement cross channel remarketing is to get to know your audience. Do they use their smartphones a lot? What kinds of apps are they into? Would they appreciate video ads? Ask yourself these questions first before displaying your ads.

Once you’ve done your research and know what your customers are into, go ahead and remarket away.


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