Relevance is the Key

In the world of marketing, relevance is one of the keys to success because you are reaching your target audience that is already showing an interest in a category similar to what you are offering. The best way to reach relevant interests is showing up on search, which in itself can provide a great deal of success to any marketing campaign. Having the ability to show up in searches, whether it’s the full site or just ads, can be very crucial to how much you can do with your future successes and ability to make the most out of your marketing campaign.

First, showing up in searches could be a big deal, but only if the content of your ad is relevant to what is being searched. For instance, if your ad is for a deal on electronics, but the search is about gardening tools, odds are the user will just skip over your ad without a second look because it is not what they are looking for. However, if you deal with electronics and the user is searching for tablets, your ad will be relevant to what the user is looking for, thus reaching your target audience through their search in order to make sure you get their full attention on the matter.

Relevance can make the world of difference when it comes to marketing because as any advertiser knows, ad space can cost a good amount of money and sometimes, it doesn’t always equal profit because it could be reaching the wrong audience. When your items show up only on content that is similar in category, it goes to interested parties and you’re not wasting money on users that won’t even take the second to look at your ad, let alone click through. Having the right relevant content to display your ad on is crucial to the success of your marketing campaign, especially when it comes to showing up on prominent search engines like Google.

When you can make sure your ads are relevant with the content, whether it be through search, mobile, video, on page, or any other channel, that is when you can push your campaign out to its maximum capability. If your ads are currently out there on any ad space, check to see analytics on where you get the majority of your hits from and determine if the site is relevant to what you are offering. Odds are this is the case and you will decide to stick with only relevant content to add your advertisements on.

Don’t let money go to waste by placing your ever-important ads where nobody would care to see them. Put the focus on the most prominent channels targeted at the right people and you’ll begin to see the big difference (and most likely an increase) in your revenue due to spending less and focusing your finances and ads on the right locations. Always remember that in marketing, relevance is the key.

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